To my husband on his 50th birthday

My love, my best friend, my confidant, my inspiration.

In the almost decade since I know you, I have watched you navigate really tough roads and I have seen the wounds incurred, so deep sometimes that it amazes me profoundly, to see that you still have so much hope and belief in the world, and in people.

I want to post this on your Facebook page because I want the world to know what a great man you are and not in the way that the world defines greatness, though you have those qualities too. Yes, you can make a lot of money and yes, you can fly a plane, and yes you are this great drummer and yes, you can resolve any issue mechanically or otherwise….and on and on with all the modern descriptions of success, I can go… ( and how lucky am I to have a partner that is so capable??)….

But it is the spirit of you in these things that I admire most – As we have journeyed together, I have seen a man who wants to know how to be a better man in the ways that matter most.

I see a man who is very aware of what his part is in the interaction.  And I see that when it is brought to his attention that he can do it differently for a kinder gentler outcome, he is willing.

I see a man who strives for excellence toward what God has designed him to be.  I see a man who knows he has an audience of One who is always loving and looking down at him.

I see a man who wants to please Him and knows that is what matters most.

I see a man who has been falsely accused in the past and a man who has been judged and misjudged and I see a man that does not allow that to get him down for too long.

I see a man who gets up, brushes off the pain, looks at it to determine how to make it better, and moves on.

I see a man who has learned to look at himself before reacting so that he can respond with love and kindness.

I see a man who no longer believes the old recordings in his head and does what he knows to be right because he knows that he is strong enough to be kind and he knows he can be fearless.

I have experienced this man in all the love he willingly gives and it is so awe-inspiring that it moves me to a place of pure humility and gratitude.  I am humbled that you have given me your greatest gifts – partnership, trust, attention, help, leadership, in a nut shell; sharing your entire life.

As we move along in this beautiful yet sometimes painful, life my admiration continually increases as I watch the strength it takes to grow as you have; you make me want to be a better person and I am physically moved to action when I see your diligence. So many times, I am blessed with just walking with you and watching your actions and hearing your way of thinking and I can literally see what sheer determination looks like.

And without really knowing it or doing it on purpose, you make me want to be that way too. I want to be an example of the beauty in the world in the same way you have given that to me.

You are a strong man and you have accepted that this is not a compliment but rather a responsibility to be an example to the world. And you are…

You are an example of strength when I see you act with patience. When you encourage others; When you allow someone to come into your life and you give them your belief in their success, you actually help in getting them to where they want to be

With all the scars and disappointments in your life, you have decided that that will not define you. You instead, act in your true spirit which is that of such vitality and zeal for life – you live, and love, and feel, so deeply.

You have made the decision that no matter who has lied to you, who has hurt you, who has turned on you, you will not allow that to seep into the love we have been blessed with nor allow it to sour the sweet life God has bestowed on you.

You have given me the gift of your complete trust which is the highest honor in my life. I know what you have been through and I watched you work so very hard to take the beauty from the ashes.

Though today is your birthday, there are not enough words to tell you how honored and grateful I am to God for getting me ready to be your partner in this life. You are my gift and I hold you as the greatest blessing the good Lord has graced me with.


And for all of you that know Marcelo, I wanted to shout this from the Cyber Mountain Top because I am so proud of this man – many of you know that I do not exaggerate when I say he has truly gone through some of the roughest roads the human condition has to offer. And he is a better man despite how some wanted him to become.

What I know and have experienced is that he has truly gained the amazing understanding that all of the pain was growth for him and strength for him so that so that he can use all of his experiences toward good in the world. And he practices this, consciously, one interaction at a time – he is an amazing man and has accepted with great humility that all of his gifts are also a responsibility – you too, are lucky to have him in your life!


Happy, happy birthday my love, I look forward to the next 50!!





Obama and FB. Weird huh.

I enjoyed those who share a moment of their lives or pictures and allow their friends in if only just for a brief minute.

There are those who love to show to all those on FB just how loving they are by “Sharing” a cute video of a Momma Panda bear breast feeding its off spring along with this poor little deer who lost its mother to a big “bad hunter”, or “Share” something somebody wrote that was real cleaver and show they have compassion to all (guilty here).

And finally we have those who are “silently extreme” to one way or another and like to pose questions “Just because you’re curious” or pan themselves off as a “Politically savvy” individual because they watched their favorite LEFT or RIGHT wing news that night. In the past week two FB “friends” posted a question that they clearly did not hear my response. They started the interaction on the defense and started preaching to me how I “benefited from white privileges” and how I should educate myself and that I don’t understand what they (black people) have gone and are still going through. I was called a “Closet racist” just because I didn’t agree that “waving the Confederate flag” was being a racist. Obama, The Clintons, Gore all used that flag on some sort of political “good” propaganda BS and they were not labeled a racist at all! Google that and you will find the photos. But of course you will say “It’s all lies from the RIGHT”. Now the Russians are coming and the ANTI everything Trump is a” Enemy of the State “and he’s “Not your President”.

These folks are church goers! Supposedly good God fearing Christians who speak and not act at all like such bad people. They  get all dressed up and go to church and “Praise the word of Lord of your understanding”. Afterwards you walk around “for just a little bit” an inch higher than most, then you’re right back at it again.

There is a Fine line between “Saturday night and Sunday morning” friends.

Are you a good soldier of Christ? How can you preach on FB all the good you are and do and then when you enter in the “Internet ROOM” your fists are up looking for a fight! You will pick and chose whatever words I wrote and twist it to spin it into hate, If you go looking for a fight your going to get one every single day. If you take the “ME” out of “Blame” your left with BLA BLA BLA (I know ,but you get the point). Did you ever think that maybe you’re irritable and discontent is due to YOU? News flash… If you continue to wear that crappy wool sweater it’s going to continue to itch.

Ask yourself “What did you do today to better your life, or even better, someone else’s?

Don’t talk to me about how you are racial profiled and get pulled over…I didn’t cause it and I’m not going to cure it either but I empathize with you.

I have been dragged into court dozens of times, arrested by white and black cops because of a “White female” who lied her ass off (my ex) .I have spent more money litigating my cases to a partial judicial system and paid over 6 figures defending that cause. I have had my apartment tossed buy Hackensack cops searching for shit that never existed all the while being cuffed naked at 1:30am with a towel covering my goods in front of a black female cop. Should I hate white females because she did this to me? Should I hate cops because they responded “as they should” to what might have sounded like a dangerous person to them? Should I hate the judicial system because the judge that was appointed to the case never allowed my attorney to produce the audio tapes that could have closed the case and stop all this BS?


News flash….Most people don’t give a crap anymore. Your fight and plight is yours to keep. Stay angry, and anger stays with you. A wise women last week shared “ I don’t go were I’m not wanted”. You look for hate and your” wanting hate” or at least keep it going for a bit to justify why you can’t get where you want to be because of all the injustices done to you.

I have no time to waste on nonsense banter.

To that woman who has “Diamonds” over her eyes who, thinks she understands politics and economics.

Here are some FACTS you should know.

During a CFO leadership meeting of small business in Philadelphia this past October in which my wife organized. We had a guest speaker.

WILLIAM DUNKELBERG Chief Economist, NFIB Professor of economics at EMERITUS TEMPLE UNIVERSITY and a brilliant man indeed stated that. Speaking to small business owners 90%  of employers have fewer than 20 employees.99%  have fewer than 500 . We produce half of the private sector of the gross domestic product. We employ 50%+ of the private sector employees. We produce 2/3rds of the new jobs.

Still think you know more about economics?

Take a walk down Main st in Hackensack…..Looks different then in the 80s huh? It’s a F@#!%$^ Ghost town! Businesses are drying up! Education cost a boat load of money and there are no JOBS!!!Not everybody is meant for collage and we need jobs like heavy and lite manufacturing (yes like Carrier) and if it means giving that company a tax break, then so be it! Like I said in my post that was deleted, $58k per month tax reduction for 10years is dog crap in comparison to loss of over 700 jobs not to mention the massive trickle affect afterwards. Now the left will say…”see, he’s making the rich richer”.

After that meeting we stood around and someone asked the question “How did this administration help you. 100% said that once Obama care took effect, the average small business at that meeting increased their expenses by 6-13k a month!

Let’s do some basic math here.

110 companies at that meeting x 8k (I took a low number)=$880,000.00 per month increase in expenditures to small companies!

Hillary wanted to increase Min wage to $15.

Stay with me all you NON Business folk.

Let’s call him Illegal alien “ Marcelo” who now became a legal citizen (because all our hearts were bleeding for him) after becoming a US citizen one is entitled to earn $15 per hr plus benefits.

“Marcelo” makes $15per hr x 40 week=$600+$225 in Obamacare” Lets see that’s $825.00. Oh crap the HARD working his ass off owner needs” Marcelo” to work overtime at $22.50 per hr all day Sat-Sun.

“Marcelo” now grosses $825.00 per week plus an additional $360.00 OT for a grand total of $1185.00. Let’s not forget the employees thats been working for owner for 5 years and just made a raise to $15 per/ hr, how in the world do we compensate him/her. Now your night out at “Noches De Columbia” cost you twice the amount and “Marcelo” is driving a leased Benz for $700 per month while you can’t figure out why shit is so expensive and why “Illegal new minted-legal alien Marcelo” Has your piece of the pie!

Trump bankrupted some companies no doubt, but when Bush started the bail out and Obama finished it why weren’t you screaming at the top of your lungs he’s “Helping the rich”! It had to be DONE in order to save millions of jobs.

It’s been 8 years of pure debacle after debacle and He’s finally proven to me and MOST of this country that he failed miserably. Then there will be those who say “But he was Handcuff by Congress” and” The whole country was against him”. He did NOTHING.. NO….THING. Not for whites, small companies and yes even BLACKS…Nothing! He could not even help keep the peace. Cops are getting shot and he talks about gun control. A thug gets wacked out pointing a fake gun at a cop who knows very well that they are hated and we all rally around and sing the praises of that THUG. Sure there a few bad cops out there (black and white) no doubt. I don’t live in Candy land next door to Fantasy Island. If you’re such a good Christian, put yourself in an elevated situation and see just how YOU would react to major stressor that could possibly end your LIFE and these cops, BLACK AND WHITE, FEMALE AND MALE do it day in and day out. Keep in mind that if those Cops killed due to racial profiling or not, whatever is done to them on this earth does not compare to eternal damnation and the wrath that awaits them.

FB has its moments. It allows us to show the world how real or fake you really are. We can be anybody anywhere on the planet. We can share everything from our kids accomplishments (that’s a great thing) to our wonderful vacations to our “Not to silent cry for injustice” and everything in between.

Morgan Freedman said in a movie “You can get busy living or busy dying”. I took off my “Wool sweater” years ago. My fists are no longer tight and in the air. I got through the injustices. Today I’m remarried to a wonderful amazing woman. I respect what cops are doing and I realize that the judicial system is not exactly fair…what is anyway? I don’t piss and moan about it…I did something about it in spite of it all.

I look at things with value…If it brings no value into my life, then I get rid of it.

Where exactly are my WHITE PRIVALGES that you speak of! I’m not sitting around waiting for shit to happen, I go and get it and if I can’t find it….I make it!

Take off your crappy itchy sweater and use what GOD gave you for good, besides its ugly too.

Start with GOD…….”Good Orderly Direction” Whatever you want to call him/her.

Remember what happens when you take “ME” out of “Blame.

God Bless us ALL…

Happy “Done Giving”. A bitter sweet holiday usually celebrated once a week. A very rare holiday, one in which takes years (if ever) to finally celebrate if you realize what is going on.

Short and “Bitter” Sweet.

She (ex) first started asking for more money….I gave it to her. Then she wanted my new truck that I bought and paid for free and clear back in 2003…..Gave her that too. My ex would ask for ridiculous things , and I would give it to her just to get the wheels of divorce court rolling.

My ex’s head must have been fuming. She would ask and I would (for the most part) give it to her. Then one day she found out  “Marcelo’s kryptonite”

She realized that as long as I was spending time with my daughter I never really cared to much about her (ex) anymore or the items she was asking for.


With this new found knowledge my ex started to feed the poison to my daughter. One cancelled  weekend here and there, phone calls not being returned, gifts sent to my daughter “getting lost” in the mail.

Manifested hatred towards me.

It took years before my daughter started treating me with that same hatred as her mother had. The hate cancer started to spread, visits were becoming very sporadic and phone calls were almost none existence. Then one day my daughter told me she wanted to change her name to her mothers maiden name. I knew I had lost this battle.

The courts don’t care about your visitation. Pay your child support and other financial obligations and be one your way. 13yrs of hate emails from my ex followed by years of the same hatred by my daughter.

By this time I have paid a combined $263,540.00 (give or take 5k) of tax free dollars to my ex for “Child support”. I haven’t been with my daughter for 12 yrs.

April 2015:

My ex hires an attorney and files a petition to the courts for more money.

She states in the document that I have not been following the guidelines of the divorce decree. That I have to pay my share of all of my daughters expenses. Car, car insurance, collage tuition and various medical expenses all amounting to an additional $134,000.00. Keep in mind I have not scene or spoken to my daughter in close to 12 yrs. But the child support payments kept going out. I was never late or ever denied anything to my daughter. I spoke with her attorney and requested all documentation that supports the allegations….Zero, zilch,  NADA! No documents were ever produced to me or to any court.

I retain my attorney and off to the ridiculous family courts we go. By now I have amassed more then 13yrs of hate emails from both my daughter and my ex. I chronologically put them in order from when my daughter was 9 yrs old to the present day.

November 18th 2016:

Finally, after my ex rescheduling the court date so many times, the judge had enough and set forth the final date.

Judgment for the PLANTIF?

No way!!! Did I hear the judge right….can this be true? Can all this sick and suffering ordeal be done with?

Yes indeed!

The judge stated that after reviewing all my documents that he concurred with the findings that my daughter and I were alienated due to my ex wife’s wrong doing, and because all of the hatred that my daughter exhibited towards me the judge was going to relieve me of ALL my financial obligations…

Parental Alienation Syndrome is real..very real. Men and women every day lose battles that destroy children.

I don’t know how a human being can be so full of hatred that they teach there child to hate ,or even worse, fear there parent.

I pray every day that my child opens her eyes and reads the documents and question her mother “Mom, why does Marcelo have a relationship with our cousins, aunts, uncles and why does he get invited to family events and not us”. I am not or ever been “that” person her mother made me out to be….and a Bergen County Superior court judge felt the same.

God rights all wrongs………….Its my job to do the next right thing.


After winning my case , my daughter did in fact change her name……After calling me nothing but a sperm donor.

I continue to pray………..Its the only thing I need.

Marcelo Tise

JusTi$e has been served

Happy Donegiving!